After working as an art historian and writer for many years, I retrained as a product designer and started working primarily with clay twelve years ago. Gradually my focus has shifted from making wheel-thrown functional ware and groups of bottles and vases in porcelain to working more experimentally. After completing the City Lit Ceramic Diploma course in 2019, I am presently studying for an MA (2019-2021, Ceramics & Glass) at the Royal College of Art in London.

In my practice I am interested in fragments and the fragmentary - in the way past events surface and leave traces in the here and now. I am fascinated by the way we inhabit and relate to different temporalities, from ever-changing reflections on water to the time of geological strata or, in human history, seemingly timeless architectural elements and structures which are continuously reconfigured in the service of changing technologies. The emphasis in my work on fragments and process allows me to explore questions relating to experiences of loss, displacement and uncertainty, the role of memory, and how we reimagine a sense of belonging and of self.